Speedy Solutions

Tons of experience means finding quick answers and solutions for you and your business.

Your Devices Supported

We know Macs, Mac OS, Mac Servers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, iCloud, and all kinds of devices and accessories.

Remote Support

Many problems can be solved quickly by phone and by remote connection. Pros: Super convenient. Saves us gas and saves you money. Perfect if you don’t like people. Cons: Some things cannot be done remotely. Maybe you do like people?

Some of Our Services

  • INSTALLATION of hardware, software, peripherals, devices, upgrades, memory, etc.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING & REPAIR of hardware problems, software issues, conflicts, etc.
  • TRAINING - getting you acquainted with new technologies and applications.
  • DATA RECOVERY in your time of crisis.
  • DATA BACKUP on-site and cloud-based solutions so you will get through hardware failures unscathed.
  • WIRED/WIRELESS NETWORKING - setups and troubleshooting.
  • TUNE-UPS - preventative maintenance can mean better performance and reliability.
  • INTERNET CONNECTION issues solved painlessly.

About Adam Auriemmo, Owner

    Apple Certified Support Professional

      For 15 years I have provided expert Mac-based services to small businesses and home users in the Colorado front range. Having lived in Boulder, Denver, and now Loveland, I regularly visit these places and more for in-house calls and provide remote support services as well. Previously I was Senior Faculty Computing Specialist for Sarah Lawrence College and head of Mac services. My history with Apple goes all the way back to the Apple IIe - boy have we come a long way! As much as I enjoy working with Macs, helping people overcome their technical challenges and get back to being productive is really my favorite part of what I do.

        I am very passionate about Macs, or just another Mac fanatic you might say. Having also serviced more PCs than you could shake a memory stick at, I've come to appreciate Apple computers and devices for their longevity, stability, and intuitive operating systems. I'm also a big fan of the Mac community. They are a unique, creative, and very helpful bunch! That said, don't be shy about contacting me – I welcome your questions and comments.

Contact Mac Diddy

phone: 303-349-5600

Or email us here


Adam is without a doubt the best Mac IT specialist I've ever worked with. He is incredibly knowledgeable, not just about Mac-related IT, but about a wide range of other technology issues as well. He's taken the time to learn our business and customize a highly reliable network solution for us that keeps up with the many changes in Apple-related IT. He's fun to work with and brings a calming, positive presence to our office. Adam's insight and obvious concern for our success has made him far more than just our IT guy--Adam is an indispensable part of our team.

David H.

Adam has been dashing around in my computers like a hummingbird with expert precision for several years now, loves what he does therefore does fantastic work. His kind and patient demeanor makes him easy to talk to, learn from and no question is a dumb one, how refreshing is that! I highly recommend and trust him implicitly.

Lisa U.